Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

Due to their remote spots in the country, the beach destinations of the Dominican Republic continue fully untouched and unspoiled. Eastern National Park, also known as the Parque Nacional del Este, happens to be a UNESCO site and a major place to find hundreds of types of flowers together with creatures, including many species of chickens.

Horse riding, camping, biking, together with birding are sought after pursuits in the region. This dense peninsula furthermore encompasses the popular Parque Nacional Los Haïtises, an lasting wonderland of jungle-covered islands, see-through waters, and thick mangroves.

River Enriquillo, or Lago Enriquillo, is the largest saltwater inland body of water in the Antilles. Isla Catalina is a port-of-call for the southern states of La Romana and draws a huge number of people each day.

This town is well known for its beaches. It also has top notch courses for the sport of golf. The Museum of the Royal Residences is also well worth it and the early Alcazar De Colón was created by the son of Christopher Columbus.

Santo Domingo, the oldest urban center in the Dominican Republic, fondly makes available its wonderful customs. Possibly the most substantial site is the First Cathedral of America, one of the most well-known, and the oldest, active cathedral in the Americas.

The oceans around the Dominican Republic are full of underwater life and they harbor more than a few different species. The Dominican Republic also has open beaches and a popular vibe. The waters of the moistened Samaná Bay, or Bahía Samaná, are a good place to see underwater creatures.

An expanse of wonderful beaches are found in the safeguarded Jaragua Federal Park. You will enjoy the beaches more if you see them by cruises from La Cueva. Along the the Dominican Republic’s west coast you will find La Romana, which is the location of the Altos de Chavón.

The Altos de Chavón is the island’s most useful place to shop as well as a copy of a township from the 16th century.

Top on the list of the Dominican Republic‘s resources is the historic Colonial Location, or Zona Colonial, a UNESCO site, with cobblestone streets, stunning Spanish Colonial infrastructures, together with exceptional restaurants. You will love the Dominican Republic and you will find some of the best things to see are the humpback whales.

They will calve during the early part of the year. Scape Local park is another place to see and also gives you the choice of dune buggies or ziplines, and in addition it has the cool Hoyo Azul Lagoon.

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